3 Ways to Detect Breast Cancer

A good health is essential to living a happy and healthy life, indeed. In our everyday life, we often neglect our health which invites serious diseases or even cancer. Nowadays, breast cancer is very common in among women section. According to experts, it is always better to detect breast cancer as early as possible, as it will increase the chance of successful treatment.

That’s why physicians advise having regular breast exams; also there are many ways to detect breast cancer.

  1. Self-Exam

In self-examination, you can observe for dimpling or any change in the shape of your breasts. You can take a look in a mirror for better observation. Otherwise, you can simply do a self-exam in the shower, using soap to smooth your skin. Softly press to check if there is any lump near the surface, and firm pressure to observe deeper tissue. If you ever find a new or unusual lump in your breast; it is better to consult a physician. Most of the time lumps aren’t cancer.


  1. Mammograms

In most cases, a majority of women don’t go for the mammograms until the age of 40. However, to prevent the higher risk of breast cancer most of the doctors’ advice to go for mammograms at a younger age. With mammogram breast, it is easy to see lumps up to 2 years before they can be actually felt. Here different tests are advisable as they help determine if a lump may be cancer.


  1. Diagnosis

With surgical biopsy and needle aspiration, doctors collect and test tissue for cancer cells, as this is the only way for a doctor to ensure that it is cancer.

Final words

So, these are the few ways to detect breast cancer in the initial stage. After all, precautions are always better than cure.