Structure & Function

These are pair of gland situated on top of kidney, one on each side with average weight about 5 gm. It consists of Medial and Lateral limbs. These are supplied by three sets of arteries Superior adrenal artery, Middle adrenal artery and Inferior adrenal artery and drained by single adrenal vein. It is divided into two parts :

  • Adrenal cortex
  • Adrenal Medulla

Adrenal cortex produce hormones like aldosterone ( helps in maintain Na+ / K+ balance), Glucocorticoids (helps in controlling inflammation, infection etc.) and Sex steroids. Whereas adrenal medulla produce catecholamines (Hormones responsible for maintain blood pressure ). Any abnormality in these parts can lead to increase production of these hormones and can cause various syndrome like Cushing syndrome etc.