Advances in Breast Cancer Treatment

With the advancement in cancer care modalities, the cancer treatment has become more effective with lesser adverse effects. For breast cancer surgical intervention has become more conservative these days. Now partial breast removal with oncoplasty or reconstruction is the standard of care especially in early breast cancer. Similarly Sentinel lymph node biopsy has replaced the full axillary clearance in node negative patients.
This has not only decreased the morbidity associated with conventional procedures but also brought a positive change in women psychology.

Cancer drugs have become more safer and evolution of targeted therapies has lead to more tumour response. For drug administration Chemoport is usually placed, to avoid the complication of venous damage.

More advance forms of radiotherapy like IMRT, IGRT, VMAT has evolved which precisely deliver the radiation dose to the target area. Similarly interstitial radiation therapy is also being used in selected group of patients.