Do you Know How to detect Breast Cancer? A Must Read

Health issues are very common nowadays. In the hectic life, we keep on neglecting our health. Today most of the people are dealing with several health issues including breast cancer. Cancer never knocks on the door before entering. However, it will give you some hints before entering your body.

Now the question is how to detect breast cancer:

  1. Breast cancer awareness: This is the most important step in diagnosing breast cancer at early stage. Any breast related issues should not be ignored and should be properly evaluated. Create awareness in neighborhood about breast cancer.
  2. Self-Exam

In self-examination, look for dimpling or changes in the shape of your breasts. It might be best to do that by looking in a mirror on last day of your menses preferably after bath. Lightly pressurize to check for lumps near the surface, and firm pressure to explore deeper tissue. If you ever observe a new or unusual lump in your breast; it is advisable to consult a doctor. Most lumps aren’t cancer.

  1. Mammograms

It is usually recommended as a screening tool in women over 40 years. In case of a higher risk of breast cancer doctor may ask for mammograms at a younger age. With mammogram breast, lumps can see much before they can be felt. Different tests help determine if a lump may be cancer.

  1. 4. Diagnosis

Needle aspiration or surgical biopsy to collect and test tissue for cancer cells is the only way for a doctor to confirm that it is cancer.