Minimal Invasive Thyroid Surgery/ Sutureless Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid surgery has evolved over last few decades and have become much safer now in hands of experts. There are conditions when patient may need to undergo thyroid surgery:

  • When there is cancer growth in thyroid or any suspicion of cancer.
  • When lump or nodule in thyroid cause compression on wind or food pipe.
  • When lump or nodule cause change in voice due to compression on voice nerve.
  • For functional thyroid disorders poorly controlled by other medical means.
  • For functional thyroid disorders poorly controlled by other medical means.
  • Large goiter going into chest cavity

Conventional thyroid surgery include incision in the neck crease and taking out the part or entire thyroid gland depending upon the etiology. Thyroid problems are more common among women, so visible neck scar may have negative impact on women psychology. With development of new technologies; approaches have evolved for thyroid surgery as well with intent to achieve best cosmetic outcome. Few newer approaches for thyroid surgery include:

  • Trans-axillary Thyroidectomy : in which ports are placed in axilla and gland is removed .
  • Breast Axillary Hybrid approach: port placed in breast and axilla .
  • Transoral: ports placed inside oral cavity
  • Robotic thyroid surgery: surgery with help of robot

Ultrasonic device now are available which has made surgical intervention sutureless. So it is important to choose the optimal modality in discussion with your surgeon. In terms of outcome high volume thyroid surgeon have better outcome as compared to the low volume thyroid surgeon.