Nipple Discharge

Breast is a milk producing gland in body and discharge from nipple is normal in lactational period. Nipple discharge in non lactational period is the third most common breast related problem for which women seek medical attention.
It can be due to various reasons:-

  • Duct Papilloma/ Breast Cancer
  • Duct Ectasia: dilatation of ducts
  • Hormonal imbalance: Prolactinoma etc
  • Drugs: Hormonal replacement , sedatives etc

If you are suffering from nipple few points need to be noted:

  • If discharge is from both side or one side
  • Amount of discharge: scanty or profuse
  • Nature of discharge: Milky/serous/bloody
  • Mode of discharge : Spontaneous or on pressure

Usually if discharge is from both breast it is less likely to be due to cancerous growth. Consult a breast surgeon in your vicinity, he will do breast evaluation along with cytology from nipple discharge and imaging of breast to rule out underlying breast cancer.
Discharge related to hormonal problems can be treated with medication whereas unilateral discharge sometimes needs removal of duct for biopsy purpose.