Diagnosis And Surgery

Before we label anyone having hyperparathyroidism, biochemical diagnosis needs to be confirmed. Serum Calcium, Phosphorus, Albumin, Alkaline Phosphate, Creatinine, PTH, Vitamin D, 24 hrs Urinary calcium and creatinine levels are the first set of tests; which make sure that patient is suffering from hyperparathyroidism. One the diagnosis is confirmed next step is to localise the offending gland. Common modalities that are being used are High resolution ultrasound of neck and Sestamibi scan.third set of evaluation includes the effect of this tumour on various body parts like DEXA scan for bone health, Evaluation for heart, Kidneys etc.
If tumour is localised to one particular site, then minimal invasive or focused parathyroid surgery can be offered, if tumour is not localized to a particular site then inspection of all four parathyroid gland is the standard of care.