Robotic Or Minimal Invasive Parathyroidectomy

Parathyroid surgery is challenging task for any surgeon as anatomical location of parathyroid may vary from patient to patient. Old phrase states that “for parathyroid surgery, best localisation modality is a good parathyroid surgeon.

Nature of Parathyroid surgery can be focussed or includes exploration of all parathyroid glands depending upon the underlying etiology (Adenoma or Hyperplasia). In conventional minimal invasive parathyroid surgery a small 2.5cm incision under ultrasound guidance is made over the effected parathyroid gland and tumour is removed.

With advancement in newer technology robotic parathyroid surgery can be performed in selected subgroup of patient with advantage of avoiding neck scar. Various approaches has been used in robotic surgery like Hybrid breast axillary approach, Transaxillary approach, retroauricular approach etc.

Other technique of parathyroid surgery include radio-guided removal of parathyroid tumour (Radio-guided Parathyroidectomy) in which parathyroid detected by radio-active material is removed with the help of gamma probe; it improves the outcome in terms of less chance of failure and making surgical intervention lesser invasive.