Structure & Function Of Parathyroid

Parathyroids are the tiny glands 4-6mm usually located behind both the lobes of the thyroid. Usually there are four parathyroid gland in most of the human being, however three or five parathyroids has been documented in the literature. They are varied in shape ranging from oval to spherical. Usually these glands receive their blood supply from the thyroid artery and are prone for devascularisation during the thyroid surgery. Primary function of parathyroid is to maintain calcium levels inside our body along with other hormones like Calcitonin and Vitamin D. Parathyroid gland secret polypeptide hormone, parathyroid hormone (PTH) which in turn regulates calcium absorption from kidney, bone and gut. Any over or under secretion of this hormone can lead to abnormal calcium levels in our body. High calcium level can have detrimental effect on body organs like brain, gut, heart, kidneys and bone. So period screening of serum calcium, phosphorus and albumin can detect this abnormality early in its course.