Thymic Disorders

The thymus gland is a roughly ‘H’ shaped gland located in upper part of chest infront of heart and just below the neck. It has vital function of priming the immune system before 20 years of age. After that it is largely a vestigial organ and undergoes gradual atrophy by 50 year of age due to fibrosis. Though it has limited function normally, it can be seat for many diseases. Surgical treatment is required for various thymic disorders like :

  • For myasthenia gravis
  • Tumours of thymus gland
  • Thymic carcinoid

Surgical removal of thymus is called Thymectomy. It can be done through

  • Neck (cervical)
  • Chest front (Sternotomy)
  • lateral chest (Thoracotomy)
  • Endoscopic (Thoracoscopy/ VATS Thymectomy)