What are the ways to Detect Thyroid Cancer

Health is everything! We get only one life, but unfortunately, we lose it because of neglecting our health. Nowadays, diseases like cancer are increasing dad by day. However, not many people are aware that it is possible to detect cancer at the early stage. Do you want to know how?



Let’s check out the ways to detect Thyroid cancer

Swelling in the neck is the most common symptom of thyroid cancer. Don’t ignore it as it does not cause any symptom in early stages.

Physical Exam

In physical examination doctors look at any lumps or nodules, you have on your neck. Furthermore, they ask the patient a few questions to find out if they are at risk. They usually ask questions whether the patient has been exposed to too much radiation, or if a patient is having a family history of thyroid cancer or thyroid disease.

Blood Tests

This is true that no blood test can detect thyroid cancer. However, doctors still ask patients to get one with the motive to figure out whether a thyroid gland is working right or not. A normal thyroid hormone does not rule out thyroid cancer.


A biopsy is used to detect if it’s cancer or not. So, if the patient is having a thyroid lump or lump in the neck, he should get it tested.

Genetic Tests

Based on your family history, your doctor might suggest genetic testing to explore if the patient is having any genes that make him more likely to get cancer. Also, it shows genetic changes that could be a sign of certain types of thyroid cancer.